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The Moberly family name has it's origin in the moiety of Mobberley, one of the the oldest estates in England.  A "moberleah" translates as a clearing with an assembly mound and that is what this website is, a place where Moberlys worldwide can assemble to tell their stories.


Two Moberlys; Darlene and Grant, cousins, have collaborated to assemble a repository of Moberly history that Moberly family members worldwide can contribute to and take pride in.

  Darlene and Grant share the same Great Grandfather, Henry_John and each of us has a remarkable story to tell so get up and put on the coffee because there is no way you are napping through this story.  

Check here for updates on the Moberly World Reunion in July, 2014 In Palmbere Lake Saskatchewan



St. Wilfrid's Church started when Patrick de Mobberley founded an Order of St. Augustine canons in 1206. The structure started in 1245 (the present nave) and completed in 1533.

In 1206 Augustine de Brethemete owned Mobberley Parish in Cheshire and gifted one half of it to his brother Patrick de Mobberley. Augustine's son John was the Lord of Mobberley (1199-1216) and his son Rauphe.  Rauphe's son William became the Lord of Mobberley then Sherriff of Cheshire in 1319.

The Mobley family name can be found spelled Mobley, Mobberley, Mobberly & Mobly, among others.  Early references to the family are found in the village of Mobberley, Cheshire, England in the church of St. Wilfrid in 1206, 1299, 1306 and 1322 AD.  These dates are preserved on a stain glass window of the church.  Mobberley Village today is part of the British and Irish Village’s Webring.  St. Wilfrid’s is reputed to be the second largest parish in England lying some 16 miles from Manchester, England. 

Moberly MOTTO: Fidelis usque ad mortem.  ( Faithful even to death. )

BLAZON OF ARMS: Argent, 2 Chevronels Gules on a Canton of the Second, a Cross Crosslet Fitchee of the First.

CREST:   A Demi Lady ( In the character of Justice )Holding  In  Her  Dexter ( right )  Hand  A  Pair  of   Scales.


  The Moberly story begins with the Moberly name.

A thousand years ago people were identified in a variety of ways.  There was no single naming convention for people.  Often if you were born in or grew up in a particular village you were identified partly by your village's name.  So, if you were named Patrick by your parents and you were born in the village of Mobberley your name could be "Patrick of Moberly" (or the slightly more classy "Patrick de Mobberley"


Reliable records begin with Katherine de Mobberley who had a son, Richard, born in 1725 09 25 in Mobberley, Cheshire. Richard married Jane Adams and they had a son, Edward. Edward married Sarah Cayley and had a son John, who became Captain John.  Captain John brought the Moberly name to Canada.


The Moberly Genealogy for Darlene Moberly and Grant Moberly

  Forebear: Forebear's Spouse: Child:    
  Patrick de Mobberley     Earliest known Moberly from Mobberley Parish  
  Katherine de Mobberley Unknown Richard Moberly B: 725 09 25 in Chester, England  
  Richard 1756 03 18 M Jane Adams Edward Moberly D 1828 St Petersburg, Russia  
  Edward  Sarah Cayley Captain John B 1788 St Petersburg, Russia  
      Edward Moberly D 1804 11 10 D St. Petersburg, Russia  
  Captain John 1828 M Maria Foch   B 1806 Sevastopol, Crimea  
      Mary Sarah B 1829 Sowerby, Yorkshire, England  
      George B 1830 Sowerby, Yorkshire, England  
      Walter B 1832 Steeple Ashton, Oxfordshire, England  
      Henry John B 1835 08 07 Penetanguishine, On  
      Sarah Cayley, GrMother D 1838  
      Clarence Wishaw B 1838 Penetanguishine, On  
      Arthur B 1840 Penetanguishine, On  
      Sophia B 1843 Penetanguishine, On  
      Sophia D 1844  
      Frank B 1845 Barrie On  
      Emma B 1847 Barrie On  
      Captain John D 1848 Barrie On  
      Mary Sarah M 1851 Harford Jame Jones-Brydges in Barrie On.  
  Henry John 1854 m Philomene Rat Son: Antoine B 1875 in Portage LaLoche  
      Ewan B 1860 Hinton, Ab  
      George M1860 Fanny Maria O'Brien  
    1861 Oct 9 m Suzanne John Edward B 1861  (Suzanne Cardinal (Kwaragkwante))  
    1862 11 m Marie Dtr: Emma B 1863  
      Son: George Allen D 1864  
      Bro: Walter M 1865 married Blanche Compigne  
            1865 B Twin 1  
            1865 B Twin 2  
       Bro: Arthur M 1866 married Caroline Jean Bourchier  
    1871 m Francoise LaFleur Son: John Edward M: 1872 to Mary Joachim in Jasper House, AB  
      Son: Frank Arthur B: 1872 B in Fort McMurray, AB  
        M: 1874 Frank M Georgina Agnes McIntyre in Prince Albert, SK  
      Son: Antoine B 1875 in Portage LaLoche  
      Son: Walter Wishaw B 1876 in Fort McMurray  
      Mother: Maria Foch D 1879 D
      Son: George Allen B 1879 05 27  
      Bro: Arthur D 1879 near Barrie, On.  
      Son: Henry Èwan`` M 1880 to Madeline Paulet Finley  
      Dtr: Annie b: 1881 in Vermillion  
      G Son: Adolphus B: 1882 in Jasper House, AB  
      Dtr: Fannis (Fanny) B: 1883 in Vermillion, AB  
      G Dtr: Frasnine B: 1884 in Jasper House, AB  
      Dtr: Katie Martha B: 1885 in Fort Vermillion, AB  
      Son: Frank Arthur D: 1888 in Winnipeg, Mb  
      G Dtr. Adelaide B: 1890  
      G Dtr. Electa B: 1890  
      G Son. Daniel B: 1890  
      G Son William B: 1890  
      G Dtr Eva B: 1892  
      Dtr Dolly B: 1894  
      G Dtr Clarise B: 1894  
      G Son Octave B: 1896  
      G Son Frank B: 1896 in Hinton, Ab  
      G Son David Washington B: 1896  
      G Son Edward B: 1898  
      G Dtr Caloline B: 1900  
      G Son Joseph (Joe) B: 1900  
      G Son David B: 1902  
      G Son Edward B: 1901 in Moberly Flats  
      G Son Zyphis B: 1902  
      Bro Clarence Wishaw Moberly D: 1902 in Collingwood, On  
      Wife Suzanne Kwaragkwante D: 1905 in Jasper Alberta  
      Dtr Francis M: 1905 to Walter Lawrence George (Jay) Gould  
      G Son Donald Zephyrin B: 1906  
      G Son Edward B: 1906 in Isle A La Cross  
      G Son Walter Lawrence Gould B: 1906 in Moose Jaw  
      G Dtr Mary Gay Gould B: 1907  
      Son George Allen M: 1908 to Aurora Evelyn Tate at McDowall, Sk  
      Dtr Annie M: 1909 to Angus McDonald  
      G Dtr Florence Moberly D: 1909  
      G Dtr Fransic Evelyn May B: 1909 in Prince Albert  
      Dtr Katie Martha M: 1909 to Eddie Austin Moore  
      G Son Henry Moberly-Gould B: 1909 in Moose Jaw  
      G Dtr Clarice M: 1910 to Thomas Anderson Groat  
      G Son George (Toots) HarfordGould B: 1911  
      G Son Harry John B: 1911 in Prince Albert  
      G Sin Herbert McKnight B: 1912  
      G Dtr Mildred Violet Gould B: 1912  
      G Son Miles B: 1913  
      G Dtr Katie McKnight B: 1914  
      G Son Arthur Moore B: 1914  
      G Dtr Una B: 1915  
      Bro Walter D: 1915  
      G Son Clarence Frank B: 1916 Moose Jaw  
      Bro George D: 1916 Collingwood  
      G Dtr Fresnine D: 1918  
      Son Henry Ewan D: 1918  
      G Son Robert (Bert) B: 1923 in Prince Albert  
      Sis Mary Sarah D: 1923  
      G Dtr Winnifred Quennie B: 1924 in Prince Albert  
      G Son Kenneth George Allen B: 1927  
      Bro Frank D: 1928 in Barrie On  
      G Son Russell Frank B: 1928 in Prince Albert  
      G Son Walter Laurence Gould M: 1929 Doris Marion Grainger  
      G Dtr Winnifred (Queenie) D: 1930  
      Henry John (Trapper John) D: 1931 07 07 In Duck Lake Sk  
      G Dtr Frances Ecvelyn May D: 1931  
      Son Walter Wishaw M: 1933 Anna L Tomlinson  
      G Son Harry John M: 1934 Georgina Pearl (Tillie) Bilby  
      Sis Emma B D: 1936  
      G Son Donald Zephrin D: 1938  
      G Dtr Una M: 1938 John Bidder  
      G Dtr Mildred Violet Gould M: 1938 William McBurney  
      G Son George (Toots) M: 1938 Bertha Poeter  
      W Francic LaFleur D: 1941  
      S John Edeard D: 1942  
      G Dtr Mary Gay Gould M: 1944 George Michael Barnett  
      G Son Adolphus D: 1946  
      G Son Clarence Frank g M: 1948 Joan Ollereich  
      G Son Russell Frank M: 1950 Nadia Nellie Czychowski  
      D Anne Moberly D: 1951  
      S Walter Wishaw D: 1957 in Smithers BC  
      G Son Edward M: 1958 Anne Joachim  
      G son Walter Laurence D: 1970  
      G Son Bert D: 1970  
      Dtr Fannis D: 1972 in Vancouver  
      G Son Henry D: 1975  
      G Dtr Caroline D: 1979  
      G Dtr Mildred Violet D: 1979 in Vancouver  
      G Son Clarence Frank D: 1986 in Camrose  
      G Son Russell Frank D: 1986 in Prince Albert  
      G Son Kenneth D: 1987 in Prince Albert  
      G Dtr Mary Gay Gould D: 1987 in London, On  
      G Son Edward D: 1992  
      G Son Harry John D: 1997 in Prince Albert  
      G Son George (Toots) D: 1969  
      G Son David Washington D: 1969  
  George Allen   Son: George 1867 B  
      Son: George 1870 D  
      HJ DaughterAlice 1874 B in Fort McMurray  
      Francis Evelyn May 1909 02 06 B Prince Albert, Sk  
        1931 08 05 D Prince Albert, SK  
      Winnifred Gwendoline 1924 03 05 B Prince Albert, Sk  
        1930 07 04 D Prince Albert, Sk  
  Russell Frank Nadia Czychowski Grant Allen    
      Cheryl Kim    
  Grant Allen        




 in1853 Henry John marries Francoise LaFleur and has George Allen

in 1854 Henry John marries Philomene Rat and has Antoine

  1908 March 23 George Allen marries Aurora Tait: Russell Frank in 1875 Antoine Marries Virginia Bestsele (Parents: Elise Bekoadin & Ettienne)
            Children: 1908 Edward, who married Eleanor Maurice and had 14 children: Elizabeth, 1924 Muglor, 1927 Antoine, 1929 Jordy, 1932 Leo, Irene 1937, 1938 Norman, Josephine, 1941 Virginia, 1943 Therese, 1947 Joseph, 1948 Freddy, Frank, John.  

Darlene Moberly
Justin Samson Moberly w/Kylie Marie Sinclair
     Ashayna Talia Paige Moccasin
     Jada Marie Moberly



  Our story will begin with Edward Scott Moberly who married Sarah Cayley, our 3rd Great Grandparents.  Edward was born in Knudsford, Cheshire, 3 km NE of Mobberley on the 7th of October, 1759. ( our Book of Moberly will take us back to 1662 with certainty and well beyond with solid evidence). Edward was a merchant in St Petersburg, Russia and became a British Consul in 1820 due to his marriage into the Cayley family.  Prior to 1820, on July 8, 1788 Captain John was born in St Petersburg, Russia.

Captain John:

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