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The Moberly World Reunion


The Moberly family story begins in 1206 in Cheshire, England, but the Canadian Prairie Moberly part of the story begins in 1835 with the birth of Henry John in Penetanguishine, Ontario.


In 1854, 18 year old Henry John (AKA: HJ, Trapper John, Harry, Harvey) entered the service of The Hudson's Bay Company. His amazing adventure began in February of 1854 when he hired two Native dog sled mail carriers for $5.00 to take him and his gear to a Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post at Fort la Clouche.  Henry John spent the next thirty-seven years with the Hudson's Bay Company serving in and opening several HBC wilderness outposts across British Columbia and Alberta. Service in one outpost, in the 1860's on the north shore of an unnamed BC lake resulted in the lake being named after him and the present day Moberly Lake Provincial Park.

Two Moberlys; Darlene and Grant, cousins, have collaborated to assemble a repository of Moberly history that Moberly family members worldwide can contribute to and take pride in. Darlene is a descendant of Henry John's first wife, Philomene Rat and Grant is a descendant Henry John and Francoise LaFleur. 


Darlene and Grant are arranging a Moberly World Reunion in July of 2014 in several places in Saskatchewan. 

July 17 - 20 In Palmbere Lake, Saskatchewan where it all began for Darlene.





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